Benefits to your Practice When it comes to managing billing, coding and collections, most medical practitioners agree that serious headaches can occur. If your practice shows symptoms of paperwork overload and slow collections, a consultation with Sedona Medical Staffing Services and a prescription from our team of experienced billing and coding professionals could improve the health and well-being of your practice.

SMSS offers your practice:
  • Timely, accurate medical billing
  • Year-round staff coverage
  • Off-site management
  • Efficient, accurate coding
  • Credentialing
  • The latest software applications
  • Highly trained expertise
  • Follow-up and collections
  • Complete accounts receivable management

How your practice benefits:
  • Improved cash flow form prompt accurate billing and coding
  • The most up-to-date and efficient billing processes
  • Save recruitment and training costs
  • Eliminate expensive software updates and training costs
  • More time for patient care and less spent on administration
  • Improved staff morale

Our processing:
  • Billing information processed within 24 hours of receipt
  • Monthly patients’ statements
  • Weekly follow up on all outstanding insurance balances
  • Patient billing inquiries are managed by SMSS both in person, and via a toll free phone number
  • Monthly reports on all practices financial activities

Call us today!
To find out SMSS can help your practice call Kathryn Phillis at (309) 736-4170. We will arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss your particular needs. You may choose to visit our operation and meet with the people who will be managing your billing. We will create a plan with options, costs and deadlines to ensure a seamless transition with instant benefits to your bottom line.