Billing Services Sedona Medical Staffing Services has a process that works when it comes to billing medical claims. At Sedona Medical Staffing Services we:
  • Submit clean claims quickly
  • Pre-adjudicate claims before the payers ever see them (we know what will be denied before claims are submitted-this allows us to fix issues before the payers see the claims)
  • Dedicate people to follow-up on claims that do not pay quickly (without waiting for the payer to get around to sending the denial)
  • Compare payments to contractual allowable and vigorously pursue underpayments
  • Post patient payments upon receipt and follow up with those patients to collect your payments faster
On the average, providers who do their own billing and collections in house see an average of 40-75 days turn around for insurance company payments. These days are reduced to an average of 15-27 days and sometimes as low as 7-10 days when using an outside billing service. Sedona Medical Staffing Services prides itself of record low days in A/R and extremely fast payment turnaround for our clients.

At Sedona Medical Staffing Services we also stay on top of all of the newest governmental and insurance carrier regulations and requirements. This allows us to submit clean claims the first time and get your reimbursement posted against you’re A/R sooner.

For more information on how Sedona Medical Staffing Services can reduce your days in A/R and your Cost to Collect, contact Kathryn Phillis, Medical Division Manager, email or call (309) 736-4170.