Custom Reporting At Sedona Medical Staffing Services we pride ourselves on customizing every aspect of the billing, service and receivables process to fit our clients’ needs.  This includes our reporting options. Here are just a few examples of the reporting we provide to our current clients:

System Financial Summary
Period-to-Date and Year-to-Date totals for charges, receipts, adjustments, number of procedures, refunds, net and gross receipts and collection percentage.
Summary Aging Analysis
By insurance or patient in the 0-30 day up to over 150 day categories.
Insurance Receipts Analysis
Cumulative Year-to-Date insurance receipts by insurance company.
Guarantor Report with unapplied
All patient payments that are awaiting charges or refunds.
Collections Reports
Analyze collection account data, list accounts with payment problems and prepare accounts for a third party collection agency.  Capable of setting up payment plans for patients.
Request for Review
All claims pending insurance payments, broken down in multiple aging categories.
Insurance Ranking Productivity
Detail who your biggest payers are and how much you have received from them.
Procedure Reimbursement by Carrier
Details how much you are getting reimbursed by carrier for specific procedures.
Detailed Procedure or Diagnosis Analysis
Report procedures and diagnosis performed on patients, frequency of usage and revenues earned:  perform procedure and diagnosis history research.
Procedure Productivity
Analyze procedure frequency/revenue statistics, categorized by doctor and date.
Multiple reports are available based on specific patient information (age, gender, status, insurance, zip code, etc.).  Also, procedure and financial history on each individual patient is available.
To find out how Sedona Medical Staffing Services can take the paperwork and reporting headaches out of your practice so that you can concentrate on patient care, contact Kathryn Phillis, Medical Division Manager, email or call (309) 736-4170 to make an appointment.