A/R Recovery and In- House Collections At Sedona Medical Staffing Services we pride ourselves on customizing every aspect of the billing, service and receivables process to fit our clients’ needs.  This includes our A/R recovery and in-house collections options. Here is an example of a typical in-house collection process for our current clients:
  • Initial statement is sent.
  • 30 day statement.
  • 60 day statement.
  • First in-house collection notice is sent 35 days after the 60 day statement.
  • Final in-house collection notice is sent out two weeks after the first.
  • Reports are then ran and sent to the physician offices for review.  Some offices prefer to screen which patients and amounts are sent on to our third party collection agency and which ones are not.
  • Offices have ten days to return the reports to SMSS at which time accounts are adjusted accordingly.  Those being sent for third party collection are sent at this time.  Once the accounts are handed over to our third party collector the patient has thirty days to pay the bill without any affect on their credit.
 We can customize your collections process. You decide how many statements, letters and points of contact your patients receive prior to turning them over to a third party collections agency. 
For more information on how Sedona Medical Staffing Services customized A/R Recovery and In-House Collection, contact Kathryn Phillis, Medical Division Manager, email kphillis@sedonagroup.com or call (309) 736-4170.