Provider Credentialing At Sedona Medical Staffing Services (SMSS) we have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff of billing specialists who know the ins and outs of the credentialing process for all of the nation and state’s top carriers.  We have streamlined the credentialing process and can handle the tedious and time consuming paperwork. We offer credentialing services as part of our billing services contract, or as a separate service billed hourly. 
Before a provider can begin the credentialing process, the must obtain a tax ID number either personally or through an attorney.
The provider will complete and sign a state Universal Application which is supplied by SMSS.  The provider will supply copies of all diplomas, certificates, tax ID verification document and other documents listed on the Universal Application.
  • SMSS team members will then complete all PPO/insurance applications, attaching copies of required documents and obtaining provider signatures.
  • SMSS team members will follow up on the application for status weekly until verification is received indicating that the process is completed and the provider is par.
 For more information on how Sedona Medical Staffing Services on provider credentialing services, contact Kathryn Phillis, Medical Division Manager, email or call (309) 736-4170.