Sedona Medical Staffing Services
  • Complete medical services from medical staffing, managing billing, collections and coding to total practice management.
Contract-to-Hire:  Sedona will deliver payroll services for candidates you are interested in working with, to further evaluate technical skills and personality match prior to extending a direct hire offer.

Long-Term Contract:  Sedona offers long-term staff, relieving you of the responsibility of providing employer benefits or paying taxes, insurances and fees.

Practice Benefits:
  • Staff coverage gaps are reduced through faster recruiting lead times.
  • Advertising costs are eliminated.
  • Reduced costs associated with benefits and insurance.
  • Time reviewing resumes and conducting preliminary interviews eliminated.
  • No costly hiring mistakes.  Sedona absorbs all unemployment and workers compensation costs and offers you the option to hire on our Associate after an agreed period.
  • Increased staffing flexibility:  have the skills you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them.
Due Diligence
All Sedona Associates undergo screening, testing and reference checks to ensure a good understanding of their skills and job performance.  Our detailed testing program offers a wide variety of core skills and soft skill testing, according to your needs.

Regular performance checks ensure both client and Associate satisfaction.  An in-house training facility offers Sedona Associates and our client companies’ unlimited access to training with certified instructors.

Performance Guarantee
We guarantee that every temporary associate we refer is capable of performing the requirements of the job as you request.  Any employee that does not meet your standard will be replaced and unproductive hours will not be billed.

For more information on how Sedona Medical Staffing Services cans assist you with Staffing, contact Kathryn Phillis, Medical Division Manager, email or call (309) 736-4170.